Ever since I remember myself, I was surrounded by colorful patterns. I picked out the “loudest” jewelry I could find, took off my shoes and made up a “melodic noise” by moving them and dancing around….That’s me!

A joyous, loud, boho gypsy enchantress…but labels don’t define this restless soul…

I created “That’s me” so I could show who I am, instead of trying to find the perfect words.

This is what I aspire to do for others. Help them express the most complicated nuances of their character with unique statement pieces.

My collections are inspired by the spices of Jaipur, the bright sun of Cairo and the warm melodies of Havana.

Every creation has a special place in my heart. I put my untamed passion and my wild imagination into every piece, to bring you jewelry and accessories that I hope to light up your “boho souls”!

a little piece of me to you…enjoy…