Hairwrap – Dalila


Hairwraps are a popular way to add color and style to your hair.

Handmade bohemian hairwrap, woven with high quality strings, bronze elements, and unique gemstones.

Total Length: 60 cm , 28 in

The hairwrap get fixed into the hair with a hair clipper, so you can always take it off and keep it in good condition.

Or choose a section of hair where you want to add the hairwrap. Divide this section into smaller subsections to create individual braids and through the loop pass one section of the braid. In that way you can always wear your hairwrap!

That’s Me: 

All of my products are all thoughtfully handcrafted. I  do all the design, mix, sculpt, bake, sand and i also package every piece by hand with the utmost love and care.

I find inspiration in everything and anything: from pinterest and fashion trends, to nature and the people around me.

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